Eggs Wrapped in Beef

Time consuming but the end result is absolutely delicious!


Leftover Beef Pot Pie

Whenever I have any meat leftover, I make pot pies and freeze them for future use.

Shrimp Pockets

This is a traditional Portuguese recipe of Rissois de Camarao. There are some variations of it, this one is my own. It may look intimidating but it is very easy, just a little bit time consuming. I like to start by making the dough and then the filling.

Pumpkin Pie

This recipe is enough to fill 2 frozen pie shells or one large pie.

Papas – Portuguese Porridge

Papas is comfort food. I know my mother cooked but I don’t remember any of her cooking except for papas. There are different variations of this recipe, sometime my mom would make it with rice, sometimes with cornstarch and sometimes, she would put an egg yolk in the centre of the plate and pour the boiling porridge over it. This recipe is just for the basic papas for one serving.

Pork Alentejo Style – Carne de Porco A Alentejana

There is an interesting story behind this dish. This dish originated in Algarve and not Alentejo. As the story goes, Alentejo had the best pork meat in the country, the pigs were raised on an a corn diet. In Algarve, the pigs were raised on fish leftovers and flour specifically made for the swine, where fish bones were incorporated in the milling process. That gave the pork meat a “fishy” flavour which was a dead giveaway as to where the the meat came from. One restaurant chef had the idea of incorporating clams when cooking the pork to mask the fishy taste the meat already had. People assumed the Alentejo style dish was made with Alentejo pork.